Devotion for Kids to Strengthen Sibling Love

They're fighting again. It's breaking your heart.

Everybody said one of the best gifts you could give your child is a sibling. You imagined that they'd play together, laugh together, and share the special childhood memories only siblings can.

Now you wonder if they'll even speak to each other when they are adults.

You can imagine what healthy sibling relationships should look like, but you don't know how to get there from here. Instead ...

  • You feel guilty. You wonder if all this fighting is a sign you're doing it wrong.
  • You feel overwhelmed. Relationships are such complicated things.
  • You feel powerless. You don't know how to communicate such big ideas effectively.

You're a good mom. This is how I know.

You want them to see one another as God sees them - with tenderness and compassion.

You need a clear, simple plan to foster healthy, life-long relationship skills.

You know the Bible contains that wisdom, and you need a way to confidently share it with them on their level.

What if you could replace heart break with heart knowledge?

Picture this.

The next time the kids start fighting (because you know they will) you remain calm. You don't panic or mutter something in frustration under your breath.

Instead, you feel prepared. You just had a conversation about this yesterday, during a moment when everyone was at peace and they could really listen and think carefully.

You were able to address the struggles proactively instead of always being caught off-guard and reacting impulsively.

And you realize, with a note of relief and gratitude, that the simple sibling conversations you've been having in times of non-conflict have lead to a clearer heart-level understanding of the unique children God has given you.

Introducing ...

Each Volume of Sibling Investigations Devotions for Kids includes ...

Four weekly lessons written in kid-friendly language. Just open, read, and discuss!

Pick and print the appropriate extension activities for each child's age and ability level. Choose from ...

  • Read-to-me and draw a picture
  • Trace in print and draw a picture
  • Trace in cursive and draw a picture
  • Print copywork
  • Cursive copywork
  • Scripture journaling and reflection questions for older kids

Weekly prayers and Scripture memory related to each lesson. Attractive, whole-page layouts so you can print and display for daily reference.

Fun printable activity to assist with Bible verse memory each week, such as ...

  • Verse puzzle
  • Connect the word dots
  • Word bank activity

Hands-on, visual activity to wrap up each volume for deeper understanding.

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Additional benefits of Sibling Investigations Devotions for Kids ...

One price for the whole family. Purchase once; print as many copies as you need for the children in your household.

Super low-prep. Kick off the week by just flipping open your laptop, tablet, or phone and reading the first lesson. Then print the pages you'd like to use to follow up.

Flexible for a wide range of ages. Choose the sheets that match the children in your home and print only the ones you need.

Yes, even your teens. Specially designed Bible-journaling pages encourage tweens and teens to look up related Scripture, make comparisons, and reflect on their experience with the content during the week.

single volume

Material for a full month of sibling relationship study materials for all the kids in your home.



  • Volume 1: Who Am I?

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Are you at the place of heart-break over sibling fighting?
Or are you moving towards heart-knowledge?

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