Sibling Opposition Solution (S.O.S.) Online Course for Coaching Clients

Tired of standing there feeling powerless while the kids yell at each other? Sign up for The Sibling Opposition Solution Online Course.

The Sibling Opposition Solution is an online course designed to support you in confident, gospel-centered sibling parenting.

This is what’s included …

  • Module 1: Mom’s Mindset – We’ll talk about your role in this whole sibling conflict process, how you can really blow it … and how you can be an inspiration for change.
  • Module 2: What to Know Before You Begin – Before we dive into the specifics, we’ll survey the lay of the land. Why do those kids do what they do? And what ​do you need to understand about those small humans to be prepared to love them well, even when they aren’t loving each other very well.
  • Module 3: Foundations of Reconciliation – We’ll take an up-close look at the exact steps you’ll need to guide those kids from back-alley brawling to back-in-fellowship. ​There are a few pieces you’re probably missing.
  • Module 4: A Closer Look at Common Scenarios – Theory and philosophy are important. But we’re not going to leave this at cloud-level. We’ll walk through five common sibling-conflict scenarios and talk about exactly how Modules 1-3 apply in the flesh.


The course includes a total of 18 Lessons. Each Lesson includes a video with all the content you’ll need to absorb to benefit from that Lesson. But, if you prefer, you can also access the course content via a printable PDF transcript, or a downloadable MP3 recording.

In addition to the basic content, you can also download printable (optional – I’m not collecting it for a grade!) extension activities to help you really dig in and think through the ideas discussed in the Lesson.


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