Drowning in Sibling Conflict? Teach your kids how to S.W.I.M.

Struggling with kids who fight? Constant bickering that you don't know how to break up? We'll send you the simple, 4-step, gospel-focused sibling conflict resolution strategy plus a free printable poster you can display to remind everyone of the steps to follow when there's a conflict.

BONUS: Includes a free printable mini-poster for quick reference and review!

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Hi, I'm Lynna Sutherland, Christian mama of eight kiddos ages teen to toddler, certified parenting coach and host of the Sibling Relationship Lab podcast. I believe the gospel transforms sibling conflict from an obstacle to an opportunity. I've had lots of experience mediating sibling conflict and I'm going to show you how to embrace gospel-centered sibling parenting with confidence and grace. So glad to have you along for the ride!

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