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It cuts a mama right to the heart to hear one of her children say "I hate you!" to a sibling. But what do our children actually mean when they say that? Is it the death of a loving relationship? And how can you, as a parent, respond wisely when your child is dealing with strong emotions like anger and fear?

I've got an analogy that I think will give you a good picture of what your role is as a mother and loving guide in this situation. And I'll share something I realized about myself that gave me some insight into my children's emotions and needs.

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Lynna Sutherland is the mother of eight kids ages teen to toddler. She hosts the Sibling Relationship Lab podcast and writes about sibling conflict resolution and sibling relationship building. Lynna believes that the gospel transforms sibling conflict from an obstacle to an opportunity and loves to show other parents the freedom and confidence of gospel-centered parenting.