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(For more information about Lab Chats, see the FAQs at the bottom of the page.)

Lab Chat FAQs

So, what exactly is a "Lab Chat"?

Lab Chats are our monthly live gatherings. They have two parts and serve two purposes

  1. Mini-Workshop - The first half of our Lab Chat is a mini workshop - fresh content on a relevant parenting topic.
  2. Live Q & A - After the mini workshop, we take time to answer community questions about any particular challenges you are facing in your home or any questions you have about the material you've been studying in the SOS Course or elsewhere.

We use a platform called Crowdcast for our gatherings. Once you've created an account, all you'll have to do to register each month is just click the green button and you're in!

When are Lab Chats scheduled?

Lab Chats take place at 2pm EST, usually on the last or the fourth Saturday of each month. New Lab Chat events will be posted here on the beginning of the new month so that you'll have time to plan for them.

What if I can't make it to the live event?

Of course, we love having folks join us live because it's a fabulous Community experience and your input and engagement always enhances the events! But whether you'll be able to attend live or not get in the habit of registering for every Lab Chat as soon as it's posted. Here's why:

  1. You can post your questions in the Lab Chat in advance and we'll address them even if you can't be there.
  2. Everyone who registers will get a reminder email 10 minutes before the event. The link in that email is the same link you'll need to view the replay after the event ends.
  3. Once you register for an event, it will be permanently saved in your "Joined events" menu item in Crowdcast so you can come back to it at any time.

The Live Q&A is accessible only via the Crowdcast replay, but once the Lab Chat ends, we edit the Workshop portion and add it to the Workshop page here in the membership area.

Am I going to be on camera? What if my kids are making noise?

The only person who will be on camera or audio is Lynna. Everyone else will be watching and listening and interacting via the chat box on the sidebar. Watch from bed in your pajamas with your hair in a towel if you prefer!

How do I ask my question(s) in the Lab Chat?

Once you've registered for a Lab Chat, look down at the bottom of the screen and you'll see a link called "Ask a Question". Simply put your question in that box and we'll be sure to cover it during the Q&A.

It's never too early to submit a question. Once the event is open, "Ask a Question" is fair game! The further in advance you ask the question, the more time Lynna has to consider it and formulate and thoughtful response. (But don't let that discourage you from asking questions on the fly - that's fine, too!)

Fun fact: one of the things I love about Crowdcast is that I can timestamp each of the questions as I answer them, so you can come back later, open the "Ask a Question" box and click on the timestamp to jump right to the discussion of your question!

What's the best way to join the Lab Chat?

You can access the Lab Chat from any device with a web browser using the magic link you'll get via email about ten minutes before the event begins.

You can also come straight to this page and view the Lab Chat here.

I prefer to watch Crowdcast events on my laptop just because it's more fun to participate in the chat using all ten fingers instead of just my thumbs!

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