Woot! You're in! Let's SOS Sprint!

Hooray! So excited that you're joining us for the next SOS Sprint, which starts this Monday! Below are the details you'll need.

Starting bright and early Monday morning, we'll send you one email a day (weekends off) so that you can pace yourself and work through the SOS Course in four weeks!

Here's what you need to do to get ready:

  1. Make sure you've accepted your invitation to the Community. (Click here. If you can see the Community feed, you're in!) If you're having trouble, email lynna@siblingrelationshiplab.com right away so we can get you set and ready for Monday!
  2. Make sure you've registered for this month's Lab Chat. This is the place where you'll drop any questions you'd like to discuss in the Live Q&A session. (And if you have questions about how a Lab Chat works, you can find an FAQ at the bottom of the Lab Chat page.)
  3. Optional: Visit the Resources page and download the Sibling Journal PDF. Print a copy for each of your children and make some notes about where you're starting. It's helpful to have a baseline so you can track your progress as you go!

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