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I have a superpower.  It isn't x-ray vision, or even eyes in the back of my head.  Given enough adrenaline and toddler mayhem, I could probably leap just about anything in a single bound.  But that isn't it, either.  I'm discovering that I have the power to create a forcefield.  And, mama, so do you.

Speeding Bullets

All day long, I'm barraged by a million pressures of grown-up life.

Sometimes we're running late.  Sometimes we'd need superhuman speed to make it before the whole event ends.

Sometimes kid-activity causes a spill.  Sometimes it bursts the dam.

Sometimes my mama guilt pricks at my soul.  Sometimes it's my kryptonite.

Sometimes people observing us from a distance raise their eyebrows.  Sometimes they lower their voices.

Stresses of adulthood come at me every day from every direction, faster than speeding bullets.  But I'm learning how to use my forcefield.

Forcefield Focus

The smoke clears.

The soundtrack fades.

Action becomes slow motion.

The background loses focus and in clear, crisp, black and white I see into the eyes of my child.  I see a soul.  I see a relationship. I see eternity standing in my kitchen.

We might need to have a conversation about something. Perhaps changes or instruction are needed.

But in this moment, all that exists is my child.  I respond to his need based on the intensity of his need, not based on the intensity of the pressures I'm holding back outside the forcefield.

Human Shields

The story doesn't always go like this. Some days my forcefield quivers under the pressure. Some days, I grab my children and use them as a human shield.

I blame them for my mistakes. I expose their mistakes to conceal my secret identity, my insecurities. I laugh about them or sigh in their direction in ways that wound and break.

I open my mouth and allow the barrage of pain to flow through me and onto my precious children. Those are not my proudest moments.

Mom of Steel

I'm not made of steel.  Those bullets wound and wear me down.  It isn't easy standing between my children and the world. But I'm made to do this.

I have power they don't have yet.  Some day they'll be on the front line.  They'll face the onslaught personally.  But today, they have me.  And in my own small, strong way, I am a Super Mom.

    • Nadine, I was getting all choked up writing it. I think my husband was a little concerned!

  • Honest. Thanks for sharing the struggle, the speeding bullets. You’ve really hit this perfectly.

    • They say, “Write what you know,” right? Thanks, Jenny.

  • “I see a soul. I see a relationship.” Yes!! This is a moment so well described.

  • I love this! So true we don’t always have our best moments but we try our best 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Coming over from THE HOMESCHOOL NOOK

    • Thanks, Jen! We all have struggles, but recognizing them makes us better moms.

  • Just getting to read this, honey, but I think it sums up the essence of parenting. The rest is application. One of your best.

    • Thanks, Mama. Your opinion means so much to me because, in my opinion, you’re an expert in this field!

  • Wonderful picture of our mission as homeschool moms. Perspective is so important, especially when things are crazy and chaotic.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I, too, struggle with this balancing act. Your post really touched me.

    • Thanks, Sandra. There are so many struggles that are common to all moms!

  • This is such a wonderful post. It’s hard to be that force field, but it truly is a power we have. It is tiring, but to spare them just for a while longer is a gift I am sure our children will look back on and appreciate.

    I am grateful for His conviction when I begin to exercise those harmful behaviors. It’s hard being a flawed human.

  • I’m still working on this, too, Lynna. I love your quote: “I see eternity standing in my kitchen.”

    • Thanks, Gena. I’m still working on it, too, and I’m sure I always will be!

  • What a great encouragement! We are all doing the best we can. It’s so true what you said about guilt being our kryptonite. That and being tired!

    • Thanks, Tara. I agree! Being tired definitely sets me at a disadvantage emotionally.

  • Hello Lynna

    Very touching post, as a mum, I know being a mum is a wonderful and truly amazing experience and changes your life forever and in ways you can never imagine, but sometimes we forget to make time for ourselves and we spend most of our lives putting our children and everyone else first.

    Best of luck to you and your family.

    • Isabelle, you’re right! It’s hard to remember that mom needs rest and refreshment, too!

  • This was so good. And the exchange between you and your mom in the comments made me tear up. It is so special that you have your own mom rooting you on as you pour into the next generation. What an encouragement!

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